For all of you who can’t get a vibe for whatever reason, the electric toothbrush is a great alternative.
You can get the rechargeable ones for as little as $20 or £17.50 and even less for the ones you have to put batteries in.

You can use the bristles on your clit, or use the back of the head for a gentler vibration.

You can even slide it inside you and vibe your g-spot, it’s crazy effective.

Actual vibrators are better, especially the ones with varying intensity, and you can see my recommendations here:

But a vibe of any kind, including a toothbrush, is a great way to explore your sexual response and take your edging, and orgasms (when allowed), to the next level.

So no more excuses, get vibing, twice a day, doctors orders xxx

Check my DIY sex toys tag below for more ideas!

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