Another lovely fantasy submitted to my Denial Survey:

I love to think about how my boyfriend denies me for a while , no orgasm for me, only edging like 10 times a day and wearing a buttplug 24/7. He touches me wherever he wants, but no penetration, only teasing. There is no sex for me, but he cums in my mouth, if I’m lucky after I gave him a blowjob, but sometimes he just masturbates in my mouth, so I can swallow his cum. 

After a week or two, I’m really desperate and horny, I would do nearly anything to get his permission to cum or his cock inside me. 

He says, I’m a good girl and I earned something, so we go to a party. I wear my buttplug and a matching hot dress. The party is full, lots of people, and after a while, he disappears, laughing and talking with a hot girl. After 10 minutes, the hot girl comes to me, smiling. She kisses me and her hot tongue flicks over mine. 

Suddenly, I taste the cum she hold in her mouth to give it to me. She ends the kiss and I stay there in surprise and shock.

“I told you, you earned something”, says my boyfriend, who appeared behind me. He guides me to an empty room. I know what he expects from me and fall on my knees. He smiles, opens his jeans and masturbates in front of me but too far away to touch me. He tells me how hot it was to fuck this girl’s mouth, that she was pretty but not nearly talented as I am. He describes every detail of the blowjob she gave him, while he masturbates. 

I’m really desperate, jealous and way too horny. I beg him to fuck me. He tells me to stay up and go to the wall. He slides my dress up my waist and removes the buttplug to put it in my mouth, so I can hold it there. His fingers touch my cunt to spread my wetness between my butt cheeks. Then, with one move, he slides his hard cock into my ass. 

My moans are muffled by the buttplug in my mouth as he penetrates me deeper. He fucks my ass with fast, deep thrusts and tells me, what a good, dirty girl I am to let him deny me, to let him fuck my ass, to let him fuck another girl’s mouth. I whimper in hope to get his permission to cum. 

“You can cum now, if you can cum this way”, he says. I push myself back on his cock, try to get him fuck me deeper. I’m almost there when he stops an moans, and I can feel his load inside my ass. I’m on 99% and desperate to cum! He kisses my cheek and says: “Sorry, my love. Maybe next time. We can try again later.”

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