A wonderful fantasy submitted to my Denial Survey earlier in the year:

I’m a woman who’s never been able to cum. I marry a man who makes me sign a punitive pre-nup that says I will be divorced and disinherited if I orgasm. Which is fine with me…I figure I’be never been able to anyway. No problem. 

Only he sets all these teasing tasks. He works with me, touches me, plays with me, teaches me about my body slowly and patiently. Until one day, in the big soaker tub, I realize I’m about to finally cum. Finally!! For the first time in my life! I’m writhing and screaming on the edge and telling him “Fuck yes! I’m there! It"s happening! I’m going to cum!”. And I’m so excited that I"m finally going to feel it. 

Only he stops. And he reminds me gently about the pre-nup. I start crying and begging and pleading with him. I try to bargain for a chance to feel it at least once. 

He tells me quite sternly that I knew all along that he wanted to be married to a woman who had NEVER known sexual release…and would never know it. Ever. And that now that I know I can, he’ll have to be stricter with me. So he gets out the chastity belt while I sob heart brokenly and my cunt pulses and throbs painfully.

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