So we haven’t had many confessions recently, here’s a lovely one from a follower who wanted to keep her details anonymous. Absolutely fabulous how she gets denied as part of this… see what happens when you let someone in on your secret?

So here is a little background . I work in retail. My boss and I have never really had bad moment but we’ve never really had good ones. We slightly disliked each other. But we had a new guy start to work with us and him and I started flirting , my boss would make fun of me and say “ miss , I’m surprised you flirt with a man like that , why not flirt with some real ones ” . Not knowing what he meant. 

So next day the next week’s schedule came out. (Which would be this week were on currently) I wound up doing my first close with him Sunday , Wednesday and Saturday evening. So last Friday I come into work and he said it’ll be very interesting not knowing what he meant I just rolled with it.

So last Friday night he Snapchated me , mind he’s 27 and I’m 20. Tells me to flirt with him instead of the new kid. I was nervous at first but it happened, so 10 minutes go by and he sends me a dick picture I’m like omg that’s my bosses dick. So I’m getting turned on and I send him my boobs. Well now im super excited for Sunday like omg I’m going to fuck my boss. (Super unprofessional sorry).

Sunday comes and my boss is just like well, you look sexy today , him and I alone in the store. We’re flirting all night, Snapchatting one another what we wanna do to each other. Finally 9 pm rolls around , here I am in the middle of the store it’s closed. I’m sucking his dick, he tells me not to touch clit. I listen even though I’m desperate (I told him what I liked and he liked it too) he finally pulls out a condoms and tells me to ride him in the middle of the Isle of our store this is so sexy and I’m just like omg is this happening, after a while of that I need to cum here I am like omg so nervous to ask him finally I blurt out “please may I come sir?” He starts to fuck my harder from underneath me, I’m holding back best I can, he finishes while I begging and he goes “no beautiful you can wait until Wednesday. 

So now I’m fucking desperate to cum, I wait it out like a good girl. But something came up Wednesday and he goes sorry love but we need to reschedule our play date until Saturday , remember no touching or cumming. 

So now tomorrow is Saturday , and he keeps saying cant wait to feel your wet mouth on my dick , I’m just so turned on. I can’t wait until 5 pm when him I get alone , I’ll be teasing him from the moment I walk in the building. Sorry for it being so long , just really needed to share. 

But that’s the first part of the story of how I’m fucking my boss, I still can’t believe it’s happening. So nervous and excited, didn’t think I’d ever ever ever fuck him but I have.

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