I had never ever tried denial, I had only read about it on your blog and I was very curious but never got around to doing it. Today while I was masturbating, I was talking to a guy and I couldn’t orgasm. I could feel it, it was RIGHT THERE. But I couldn’t orgasm and the feeling was so overwhelming I couldn’t get up for 5 minutes. It’s been half an hour since this happened and I’m still reeling from that sensation. And I’m dripping wet, but too sensitive to touch and this feeling is maddening

Maddening, and oh so addictive.

It seems like you’re a natural. Have you been listening to some audios, if not, you should…

I’d start with this


Then maybe this


Oh and then definitely this old classic.


Let’s see how you’re doing by the end of the weekend.

Good girl(s don’t cum)

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