I’m so excited right now, and yet ashamed. I was edging to a couple of blogs involving orgasm denial and I was edging using my clit but not allowing myself to cum from it, switching to fucking myself with the vibrating dildo when I got too close, and after a couple hours I managed to cum from the penetration (not the clit) and it was so amazing. I shouldn’t have cum, but I haven’t ever been able to do that before.

That’s wonderful that you’ve learnt that you can cum like that, well done. But you know what you should have done… you should have ruined it, that’s what a denial slut’s vaginal orgasms are for. So do it again, and do it right this time, rub your clit, fuck the dildo until you’re right on the edge. Practise a few times, getting close them pulling it out and not touching. Then go for it, harder, faster, take yourself right to that edge, and over, and yank the dildo out, take your hands away, feel the agony of that orgasm completely ruined. 

You can scream if you like.

Then do it again, three more times, for cumming without permission. That’s the only way you’re to do it from now on.

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