I desperately hope this is true. Before today, I never edged myself without the intent of…finishing the job. Combined with my birth control shot, I was already wet from the naughty fantasies I’d been having about my Non-Commisioned Officers all day.

It was lunch, my roomates all left for food, but little ol me was left squirming on her mattress, wet and deprived, looking at tumblr. I found an interesting lil post and deciding it was worth my time, took a gander.

No cumming for 30 days? Yeah right. But… he called me a “Good Girl” and my submissive side is begging for attention. Three edges a day? No problem, I already missed one so that was only two left. I’d teased myself, and given myself a ruin before, surely this wouldn’t be that hard.

I was wrong.

I checked the time and figured I had about ten minutes before my roomates came back, no problem I was a pro. My trusty fingers wandered beneath my waistband, and within five minutes I was writhing, lost within bliss. So close, my fingers were a blur, slipping inside me for the big finish when something rose unbidden from my pit of pleasure, a scrap of a memory.

“You aren’t going to cum, are you? Because you’re a good girl and good girls don’t cum without permission.”

A whimper escaped me, or a moan, I’m not quite sure, but just as I tumbled over the edge into utter and complete ecstasy. I stopped. I ruined it. Something close to a sob clawed its way out of my chest and my hips bucked against empty air.

Just as I was beginning to settle down, panic compressed my chest. Did I lose already? I wanted to please this stranger. Frantically I scrolled through my phone, locating the post again.

Relief floods through me. A hand wanders down my pants, caressing the tops of my thighs, my hips, knowing if I touch my aching pussy, I would lose and my submissive game would be over. 


Red Brat

P.s. James (Can I call you that?) I know it’s early to be asking for a special request, but I was good, and I’m new, can I please without losing?

Oh Red, what a glorious journal submission, thank you. And you ruined it, just as you were supposed to! You didn’t lose, you’re still on track for your 30 days. The rules when you ruin it though is you can’t do it again that day, you have to only edge. 

But it’s even better when you don’t ruin, so sweetie, no more of them. No ruins, just edges unless I tell you, okay!

Well done sweetie, we look forward to hearing how you get on tomorrow!

James (yes of course you can call me that! Titles are earned, not demanded)

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