I just found the JuNO 30 day orgasm denial challenge on Female-Orgasm-Denial yesterday so first thing I did this morning while clenching around the dildo I’d had in my pussy all night was to scroll through the posts to see if I’d missed any daily challenges. The first was a reminder to just take denial one day at a time so no need to play catch-up.

Today’s instructions included a challenge and a way to have a bit of fun edging. The challenge was to tell someone about JuNO. Heh, already done. The first thing I did after finding out about JuNO was to post it on the Bimbofication Discord server I’m a member of and ask if anyone else was interested in joining me. So far no one’s replied. I also sent a link to my main play partner to let him know I was participating and indirectly told my newest play partner by sending him a link to my tumblr.

Now to the fun. James sent us a link to the Gooninator, a program that will flash images from his blog (or others if you tweak the programming) and directed us to watch it while listening to some bimbofication hypnosis. Most bimbofication hypnosis files aren’t to my taste but there were a couple in the link he sent that I liked. I spent a good 15-20 minutes getting nice and close to the edge.

Normally Sunday is my one day of the week I get to cum. Before I started the challenge I’d decided to flip a coin every time I got close to the edge to see if I was allowed to orgasm or not. I decided that I would go ahead and flip the coin anyway to see if I would have gotten an orgasm just to taunt myself with how many orgasms I was giving up today. I called heads and had Google flip the coin for me and sure enough it was heads. Since my deity is a god of virility I pulled my dildo out and offered the denied chance at an orgasm up to him as a sacrifice as I let my arousal flow back down away from the edge. 

I then finished by kneeling in front of my bookcase, attaching the suction cup dildo I’d just had in my cunt and practicing my deep-throating for the rest of the hypnosis file I was listening to. It felt really dirty and arousing that the first thing I tasted this morning was my own cunt’s juices being forced down my throat. Turns out I have taste buds going down a lot further than I thought!.

Reblogging as promised!

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