The Secret Society Of Denial Sluts needs a Symbol!

We’re getting close to a million visitors to this blog and it’s only been running since last year.

Orgasm denial is catching on, and don’t you just find yourself wondering, as you look at some others… is she into it too?

So it’s time we have a symbol!

I’ve picked a couple that I think would serve our purpose well, and I want your help picking a favourite. 

I’ve chosen these on the criteria that they are both pretty generic, you can get these on necklaces or rings or lots of other items on ebay from about $2 so it’s accessible to everyone.

The symbols themselves are the

Triquetra (also known as the Trinity Knot) on the left and the Triskelion (spiral one on the right)

Both are quasi-celtic symbols that have been used across both Christian and pagan beliefs for centuries, and in lots of other ways too, so there’s no big single meaning for them. 

In their own way I felt they both represented denial – the knot being an unending process, the spirals of the Triskelion never getting anywhere. 

The triple nature of each captured the three mainstays of denial – edging, ruined orgasms and no touch, while the circle in the Triquetra (which is optional, you can get it without) could represent the O of Orgasm, locked up in the three prongs of denial. While the Treskelion shares a bit of similarity with the (not very widely used) BDSM symbol (like a triple yin/yang circle).

Or maybe I’m overthinking it and they are just pretty! The point is having something you can wear publicly, but secretly, to display your love of this kink.

So how do you know if the person you see wearing theirs is a Denial Slut or just someone who likes a bit of Celtic jewellery? Here’s the secret…

If you spot someone else wearing one, you have to rub yours with your finger, and if they see you doing that and are into denial as well, then they will do it too. Yes, it’s kinda sexual! You’re telling a stranger you love edging lol. Rub those symbols!

If you see someone wearing one but aren’t wearing yours then you can still do this! You simply rub your skin (so your throat or finger for example) where they are wearing theirs, and if they see and respond you can continue as below.

If you both rub your symbol then to finally confirm you’re both Denial Sluts you have to tap your symbol three times, and they will do the same.

Then what you do is up to you. You can just smile and have shared a lovely moment with a stranger. Or you could be brave and go and say hi and introduce yourself!

There’s no pressure that you’re expected to become denial buddies (although heck, who knows…). This is just a cute way of acknowledging you’re secretly proud of being into denial, and if someone else you meet is the same you’d love to know.

Plus the whole ‘secret in public’ thing is just so hot, don’t you think?

So, vote for your favourite (or make suggestions for symbols that would be better in the notes…) and lets create a movement!

If this takes off I have a nice idea about how you could secretly, publicly display how long you’ve been denied, which would be a fun addition. But let’s see how this one goes first!

Still time to vote, be a part of destiny, decide the logo for the secret society of denial sluts!

Last chance to vote!

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