This might be tame, but I often think about being surrounded by people made to edge and cum before they ravage me.
They keep using the phrase “debase yourself”. There’s something about that word in my head…said in a Severus Snape-esque voice….that *does* Things.
Then after I do as they say and “debase myself” (squirm) then the real torture begins. But the best part for me in the whole getting me wet is the humiliation of being told to do it and getting wet as a result. Oh, and being made to make eye contact the whole time knowing that they know that I know that they know (and so on)
If any of that makes sense?

I love it! A trigger phrase in all the right ways, and the eye contact, so great.

Just imagine, being right on the edge, not allowed to stop, but knowing as soon as you cum you’ll be ravaged by them all as soon as you do. Totally exposed, hearing them laugh to each other about how wet you are and what they’re going to do to you. ‘If she cums it shows she wants it too’ you hear one of them say, and it takes you over the edge…

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