I’ve seen a couple of messages on this blog by women who share they have learned to have vaginal orgasms thanks to Denial. I wanted to share it can also be the other way around, because for the longest time I was a bit ashamed of it. And it’s nonsense.

I have never been able to have an orgasm by stimulating my clit with my fingers. (Poor guys working their fingers off didn’t work either) I always used to hump pillows, blankets, and mattresses, even a leg sometimes, and later on I was lucky enough to orgasm quite easily through penetration. I thought I was weird! Imagine my relief finding this blog and seeing hump days! And thanks to only a week of knowing orgasm denial even exists I have finally learned to arouse and orgasm myself using my fingers on my clit! At the juicy of age 32. Thanks James!

Absolutely fantastic, thanks so much for letting us know. Keep up the good work!


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