My hubby, @mochavoy, just finished fucking my ass hard. He left a big load deep in my bowels, and then plugged me up with my pink-jeweled butt plug. He’s been edging me for a couple of days, and now he’s sleeping peacefully while I toss and turn. I’m so fucking horny, I just want to get him hard and ride him until I cum! But I know he won’t be letting me have any orgasms for at least another day or two.

See, it’s the little things like this that tell me he loves me!

How delightful. A shining example for all those little denial sluts who edge themselves to aspire to! 

Her husband’s away from home for long periods – sounds a perfect time to keep her denied and so extra eager for him to get home. Of course when you get home you want to deny her too and enjoy that in person. What a dilemma! I guess it’s just easier to never let her cum and perhaps let her have a ruin on her birthday…

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