So I’ve been hinting at some projects I’ve been up to the last few months. And I know the blog’s been quiet, but as you’ll see I’ve been making use of the extra time.

I’m not going to give you all the details yet, but here’s the big headline:

I wrote a book!

Yep, in fact I’ve written several but we’ll come to that. 

I write for a living, but it’s all dry commercial stuff. Starting this blog up a few years back was the first time I’d really stepped outside of that, and I’ve loved it. But I’ve never made the move into anything longer than the very short stories I’ve posted on here.

So earlier in the year me and the missus were bandying around fantasies (most of this stuff gets tested on her) and there was one she loved so much, she asked me to write it up as a short story. That short story, well it turned into a long one. We ended up working on it together, getting her input on the plot and hot bits she wanted in there, and five weeks later I had 80,000 words written. 

And I absolutely loved writing. In a way I didn’t know I could. I have a lot to learn in terms of crafting fiction, and I’ve been reading some of the best books out there to help me refine it. But you know what, given it’s my first go at it, it’s pretty fucking good. The feedback from my ‘alpha’ readers has been encouraging too.

So the question is what we do with it now. I’m working hard on the revision stage, and in the next few weeks it’ll be ready for publication.

That isn’t really the big news though. It’s more what doing it has helped me realise, which is I love writing longer, erotic fiction, and I seem to have a knack for it. It’s made me research and understand the market better. 

While the novel was just a pet project, and doesn’t quite fit into the classic categories of erotic romance or hardcore erotica, I’ve learned what would in future. To test that I’ve also written a few shorter erotic stories, the kind Amazon is filled with, and they’re good too.

So the news is we’re going to give me writing this stuff a go as a serious focus of my work for a while. I appear to be able to write a lot, fast. There’s definitely potential here to make this more than just a hobby.

There is hardly any good tease and denial erotica. Now that may be because there just isn’t demand for it, in which case this will crash and burn, and that’s okay, it’s been fun anyway. However the fact this blog gets millions of reads a year suggests there is demand, and you like my approach on it.

I reckon the lack of edging erotica is because most stuff is written by folks who have the mistaken belief that cumming is always the objective of both their characters and their readers. And you know what, if it is, that’s great too. But imagine books where the heroine is denied, edged, driven out of her fucking mind. 

Imagine the things it might make her do.

Imagine if you, dear reader, were only allowed to cum if she does.

Oh yeah, this shit just got interesting.

So, if you wondered what I’ve been up to these last few months. Now you know.

The other aspect I’m excited about is the non-fiction possibilities. Writing up much of the good content from this blog into materials you can use, and share with partners, denial buddies, whoever. Not just buried under Tumblr’s stupid filters any more.

So, that’s where we’re at. We’re going to give this a serious go and see what we can make of it.

What next?

If you like the sound of this, keep watching the blog for more details. I’m thinking about having a Patreon for those especially interested in what I write, as getting a group together who are passionate about ‘edging erotica’ who I can go to with early access to content and for input on what to write next could work really well.

I’m also going to put out a survey on here to help me better understand how you all like to consume your erotica (if you do) and where I should focus my efforts (Denial Academy erotica anyone? Oh yeah, that’s in the works already 😛 )

Let me know your thoughts in the notes or message me, I’d love to hear from you. And yes, some samples will appear here soon!

With love and anticipation,


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