Look, I know there’s lots of good advice out there for how you could educate him, help him be a better lover, teach him to touch and lick you to incredible orgasms again and again and finally learn together how he can fuck you like an animal, taking you deep and hard until you squirt all over his cock in the greatest orgasm of your life.

But we don’t want that, not really. You wouldn’t be writing to an orgasm denial blog if that’s what you were after.

What you need to hear is this.

You love being frustrated. You love never cumming. It’s okay. This is how it’s supposed to be for you. The only thing that needs to change is for you to drop society’s expectations and focus on what truly turns you on. And lucky girl, you’ve already found it.

If you wanted to cum you’d have told him, but instead, you’re faking it, because there’s nothing quite like the feeling of your desperate needy pussy being fucked so ineptly and selfishly. Somewhere deep inside you find it satisfying to please him and stay horny and unsatisfied yourself.

It means you’re always ready, horny and wanting to suck him, fuck him, wet for him. Stop thinking of it as a bad thing, and when you edge, and I want you edging more, think about those sessions, think about him fucking you without release, listening to him cumming, pretending you’ve cum so you can in fact, stay denied.

You’re the perfect girlfriend. The perfect denial slut. Just the way you are.

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