Nothing to feel there.

“See you CAN still wear pretty lingerie with the belt on”

“But it’s not the same. I can’t feel the soft fabric against my skin”

“Oh baby, you know you’re not able to do that any more.”

“I know but maybe just sometimes….”

“Come on now. You know what happened last time. We can’t have that.”

“But it’s normal”

“Trust me there is nothing normal about the way you acted. Writhing about on the bed, moaning and screaming, pawing at yourself like something possessed.”

“It was an orgasm”

“It was unladylike.”

“But everyone else….”

“You are not everyone else. You’re mine. We’ve discussed this. You accepted my decision. Why now are you questioning it?”

“Because I just feel so……”


“Horny and uncomfortably wet!”

“You’re wet? Right now?”

“Yes Sir”

“Why didn’t you say so. Ok let’s get you bent over and I’ll fuck you”

“Thank you Sir. But I’m wet pretty much all the time.”

“Wetness means you want to be fucked. And you’re wet all the time?”

“Yes Sir because I’m horny and I don’t get to touch my pussy at all. It aches and leaks and throbs with need”

“So it not being touched makes it wet, being wet means you need to be fucked, we fuck anally, you’re wet all the time, so basically you’re saying we need to have sex more often. That’s ok. I can get on board with that. We will keep you plugged permanently. Removed for necessity and fucking only. And you’ll always be ready. We can fuck as much as we want a day. You do go a funny way round to get to what you need. You just needed to say can you please fuck my ass more often.”

“No…but… that’s not…. I mean…. the more sex we have the wetter I get. The more I ache. The more I throb.”

“Ah baby I get off on it too. I love cumming deep in your ass. I can never have enough sex with you. I’m so glad you enjoy it as much as I do.”

“I meant it aches. With need”

“Well I’m sure it’s going to ache even more the amount of sex we will have now. Especially being stretched open with the plug. But you’ll get used to it baby. Lots of lube and you’ll acclimatise to the ache.”

“But… my pussy. The wetness?!”

“Ohhhh awww I know little one I know, you’re wet and horny. It’s all this talk of aching and need. Don’t worry. We can take a shower and wash all that pussy wetness away. Squirt you full of lube, pop your plug in and get you nice and ready for sex.”

“But sex just makes me wet and uncomfortable again. Feeling all that movement so close to where I want to be touched, under the belt.”

“But you not being touched there causes uncomfortable wetness which makes you horny and being horny makes you open to fuck. And you constantly wanting to fuck makes me happy, being happy makes me fuck you, fucking you makes you uncomfortably wet. So you being uncomfortably wet and untouched and belted is perfect. Do you see?”

“Yes I do. But Sir, that feeling….. when you orgasm…. I don’t get that”

“Oh baby. I’m sorry, I’ll make sure I push deep when I cum so you can really feel it. We can both enjoy the pulsing of my cum exploding into your ass. And I’ll plug you straight away so you can enjoy feeling it held inside you. Until next time. Come on let’s get you out of those panties and into the shower. I’ll grab your new permenant plug. You do have the best ideas. Good girl”

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