“Sir stop taking pictures it’s embarrassing.”

“Nonsense. You look gorgeous.”

“But you can see right through it.”

*feins shock*

“You can? Oh my goodness how did I not notice”

“Sirrrr don’t be mean”

“Your breasts are beautiful. You have nothing to feel ashamed about. No reason to be nervous or embarassed that people stare at your nakedness. Now stop hiding and let me see”

“Oh my god, there’s people coming.”

“Uh Uh, stand tall, hands beside you. Here hold my hand. Just smile and say good morning as they pass”

“But….. Good morning”

“Good morning, beautiful day isn’t it?”

“Oh yes quite beautiful”

“See that was ok wasn’t it?”

“Sir he was speaking to my breasts!!!”

“Yes he was, completely admiring you. Nothing to the imagination you might as well have been standing there naked”

“Oh god! I’ll never feel confident like this”

“Perfect baby. Please don’t. Some men like sexually confident women, parading around enjoying the attention. No I must prefer seeing you blush and squirm. It shows that you put my desires above your own. You wear what I tell you because it makes me happy. Even if you’re uncomfortable. I want your shame, your fear and most of all your obedience. Now let’s get some more photos. Good girl”

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