“Excuse me Sir, may I talk to you?”

“You may, what’s up?”

“I know this is selfish and wrong Sir but please please please will you touch my pussy and clit. Just a bit please”

“But baby I can’t”

“But why?”

“Because you’ll feel it and it will be pleasurable for you. And we know that that wouldn’t be right would it”

“No Sir…… but maybe…. what if it was numbed or something?”

“Ha ha well I think unless you were completely unconscious you’d still know about it and might get some enjoyment out of that”

“Oh. I understand. I’m sorry I asked you. It was wrong”

“Now hold on….. yes it was wrong. It’s selfish. And you mustn’t feel pleasure there but I think I’m onto something!”

“Really? What Sir?”

“A way to touch your pussy”

“Oh wow really? I’ll do it.”

“You don’t know what it is yet”

“Oh. Yes what it is?”

“I mean I accept your agreement to it. So thank you I will make the arrangements”

“But what is it?”

“You’ll find out”


—–one month later—–

“Remember you begged me to touch your pussy last month?”

“Yes Sir”

“Come and watch this”

“Oh my god that’s me….. and you’re you’re rubbing my clit…. when? I don’t remember this”

“No you were unconscious. I drugged you. Used you. Touched you. And let you sleep it off. No memory, no pleasure. But you got what you asked for”

“Yes. Thank you then Sir”

“I won’t do it too often. But if I feel you need to be touched. I will touch you. Maybe I’ll make you cum and you won’t feel it or remember it but you will wake without the familiar horny desperation. Basically taking away your sexual desire.”

“But without feeling an orgasm that will be horrible”

“As punishment then. So you had better be on your best behaviour”

“I will Sir”

“Good girl”


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