Edging task – fun in the bath!

If you’re lucky enough to have a bath with a mixer tap like this, then try this.

Run a little water into the bath to warm it up and get the water a nice temperature. Then scoot your bottom down so the stream falls right above your clit, then move up and down, letting it tumble onto your clit and into your pussy. Do it for as long as you can bear it or until the bath is filled, or until you run out of warm water!

Variation: change the water mix to have a bit of temperature play, cold, warm hot… just don’t burn yourself!

If you don’t have a mixer tap you may be able to direct a shower head to similar effect, especially if you can change it to a thin stream. Bring it low as you can unless you’re a masochist.

All these are good for forced solo orgasms too! 

Source: masturbation Oo by Photomaniac-ZI

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