Daddy made this a goal for me. One edge a day in public. Six orgasms a day, one of those in public, and if I can’t because I’m not out that day, I add an extra edge.

So I was shopping today, trying some stuff on, I got a cute new skater skirt.

Anyways. Dressing rooms are the perfect place to edge. So half dressed, I slipped my hand in my panties and looked in the mirror while I edged. Fuck it was hot. I could see my own lust and desperation in my eyes and it was hot. Luckily I’m an expert at keeping quiet while masturbating.

I left that dressing room with wet fingers and if possible, an even wetter cunt. So yeah. That was about my fourth edge of the day. Two more to go!

Dressing rooms really are a fabulous place to edge. Especially while trying on clothes that make you sexy.
(Leaving a mess on clothes you don’t buy is a no no though. Good girls don’t cum, but good girls also don’t make a mess on stuff someone else might buy).

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