Edging Erotica

The anti-sex changes by Tumblr in 2018 were a disaster for many who enjoyed the site as a safe place to explore their sexuality and fantasies in a safe, positive environment.

But there was an upside!

It meant I could take some time out to do something that I’ve been wanting to for ages, which is write some longer form erotica – edging erotica is what I’m calling it. Edging, orgasm denial, submission, it’s all so fucking sexy and yet there seems to be very little erotica written about it. In fact, understandably, most erotica is designed with the idea of just getting you off.

Mine isn’t.

You can, of course, cum to it, but the women, and men you’ll be reading about won’t have it so easy. And if you choose, neither will you. It’s designed to get you even hornier, keep you in that state of arousal you love so much. Some of them are even written for you to follow along, educational erotica.

It’s going to be a mix of full length and short stories so watch this space for more information!