With my first consistent partner (of a few weeks) I’ve been unable to orgasm thus far. So I’m denying myself in preparation to see him this weekend. My plan is to edge all the way up until I go to meet him. I’ll tell him about it when we get going and see what he does with the information. I know he’s just as of not more perverted than me. Maybe he’ll help me cum but maybe he’ll try to deny me more!! Excited.

How many edges should I do the morning of?

Now if I were you, I’d think about sending him a link to the website before you go, just a little, ‘Oh I just thought you might be interested, I’m totally into this kink… I hope you like it too’

And this post in particular if you think it’s suitable to where you guys are at:


It’ll give him time to digest it all and realise what a fucking gem you are, and how to make you shine brightest.

Oh you’ll be totally fucked though, just FYI. But you want that, don’t you…

Good girl – be careful what you wish for.

Oh and five edges, minimum.

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