I ended up shopping for a few hours with my pussy being filled and stretched by a fairly thick dildo. Each step I could feel it shift and sitting in the car kept every last inch inside my poor pussy. By the time I got home and finally had time to remove the dildo my pussy was slightly sore. But, I was also dripping wet, oh so horny, and ended up edging for the next hour.

The feeling of being so full for so long felt so good I can’t stop thinking about it. Like what if I slept with it? Or even wore it to school and/or used it to edge in one of the lesser used restrooms? Help I think my friend unwittingly gave me a new kink/addiction —Elly

Elly, Elly, how absolutely delicious. The right dildo can feel amazing like that, another good tip is to use largish butt plugs for it, they have a tendency to rub your gspot in the most delightful way while you try to walk around without moaning with pleasure. While a butt plug in the ass obviously works for everyone, those tend to create a naughty or submissive feeling, but actually a dildo or plug in your pussy is much more fun from a pleasure perspective.

Sleeping in them is a lot of fun too. There’s this moment you wake up, and then you realise you’re stuffed, and all the horniness from the day before comes flooding back. So good.

The one I recommend on my toys page is just about the perfect size for keeping in you, and of course nothing’s sexier to hold it in than a crotch rope…

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