I usually have a long drive to work . I don’t own any toys and I would like to know how to jerk off while driving . or maybe you could provide me a task while I drive which would make my pussy dripping wet and thirsty for your cock 

What the hell, is this from the same person? Why are you so obsessed with doing things while driving? 

‘I was only edging officer! Can I please take these sex toys out before you arrest me? What do you mean, hands behind my head and get down on the floor? My butt plug is still on high!’

Now that’s a ruined orgasm:

You realise you’re driving a deadly weapon. I prefer my tasks not to endanger lives… Save the punishment for when you’re at home, or at the very least parked up somewhere please. 

But do make sure you park nicely in the space…

Also stop the ‘thirsty for my cock’ thing, it’s kinda creepy.

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