Recently I reblogged and commented on an Ask that @theruleset answered in which an Anon worried that she ‘missed her chance’ to explore the kink scene because she might have grown too old.

She’s 25.

The reblogs continued, and those in the community who aren’t right out of their teens (nor looking for a partner who is) weighed in with such great feedback! It felt awesome to go through the replies, and to follow their blogs, and to feel something akin to actual representation and visibility on a website and its kink subculture that is overwhelmingly tilted toward the (sometimes uncomfortably, depending on what’s depicted) very young.  Especially when it comes to the women in it.

Got nothing but love for those younger (but legal, of course) in kink, too, and you all deserve an amazing journey as much as any of us, but this particular post is for 30 and up, soooooo:

Please like and reblog this if you’re a Dominant, submissive, or kinkster in your 30s, 40s or older so we can find and support each other, and most of all, increase our visibility on tumblr. 🙂

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