I’m not sure which program you’re referring to. A lot of the students coming to the Denial Academy were historically anal virgins, although that number’s decreased somewhat as anal sex has been adopted, especially by American students and those coming from strict Christian or Muslim backgrounds as a way of preserving ‘virginity’. Bless their little cotton socks.

All graduates from the academy will be experts in anal sex by the time they are done however, Anal Sex 101 is an obligatory first year course and Anal Edging mandatory for second years.

What you might be referring to is the Cherry Program – whereby sponsors can opt, for a considerable additional fee, to have the student they are funding keep her virginal virginity throughout her studies. That option isn’t, of course, available for any bursary funded students. 

That isn’t to say that all students don’t undergo extensive pussy training, as you call it. Virgins simply have a special preparation program to make sure that their hymen is not going to cause a problem in further lessons. You can read about it here:


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