Weirdly, I think so, yes depending on the mood I’m in. It’s a mindfuck for me since I’m submissive in my mindset but show me a guy in a cockcage and whoop then my brain does a switch. Thats also the only time I’ll ever even consider the possibility of having a dominant bone in my body since normally submissive guys don’t do it for me. Sorry.

I see this a lot. There’s something magical about putting a guy’s cock in a cage. Normally submissive girls just start going nuts. Holy shit pity the poor sod if it’s a group of them…

It’s not that they go all super domme, but somehow it frees them to feel safer exploring that side of them. Which I think is incredibly healthy. While most of us have a dominant or submissive default position that we’re more comfortable with and enjoy most, I think it shows both maturity and a desire to learn if you’re prepared to explore the boundaries of that. I definitely think it makes you a better dom/mr or sub if you gain a greater insight into ‘the other side’.

I’ve helped women domme guys and girls for the first time and do you know what happens in almost all cases? They end up all emotional saying ‘I had NO IDEA how much work and emotional energy this involves!’.  It’s an amazing learning experience.

The same goes for a dom. It shows a genuine confidence if you are willing to be topped occasionally, both for fun and education. It doesn’t mean you have to act subby, it just means you have to be strong enough to let the sub have a new experience being ‘in charge’ (in reality you end up topping from the bottom and that’s great. For me, a cock cage is a great way to do that, or getting tied up is the other. Make sure it’s fun and everyone will gain from the experience.

Also, it gets you so fucking horny – when he does get the key, and gets it out…

Get ready to be fucked harder than ever.

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