Not weird at all, very common indeed for guys and girls. In some part it’s giving you a release from that control in a way that can be private and thrilling, so it’s providing a mental break as well as a sexual buzz. 

It’s a cliche but my pro domme friends tell me the high powered businessman who needs a release from the pressure and responsibility of work make up the majority of their clients.

So yes, don’t worry about it, it’s good and natural. Just be aware you’ll tend to want to control how you’re dommed, so there’s still a letting go that will be a challenge for you. But find the right person and they’ll be able to handle that. Don’t worry about this idea of ‘topping from the bottom’, it’s bullshit with a good dom. We don’t care, we just see it as you telling us what you want. And we’re confident enough in ourselves to take that and use it, but not be swayed by it. Oh and it’s a fun excuse to punish you too if we fancy that.

But yes, with a less experienced dom just be aware you’ll need to find a way to rein it in. I find a ball gag or just a pair of cum soaked panties shoved in your mouth tends to do wonders.

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