do you think its a good idea for denial sluts to keep their pussies stuffed with a small dildo when they arent able to actively edge or do you think that just makes them more likely to accidentally go over? asking for a friend

Tell your friend it’s hot sometimes but don’t over do it. Don’t just go out for a day with a dildo in where you’d be unable to take it out. You need to build up to it. 

So try wearing it around the house, try an hour or two. Make sure sitting and standing is comfortable,and work out how you keep the thing in without it embarrassingly falling out. Bikini bottoms or ‘bodies’ underwear work well, as does a crotch rope.

I do have friends who regularly, two or three times a week, wear single or double dildo latex panties, so you CAN really get into this:

Makes you wonder just what the people around you at college or work might have hidden under there, doesn’t it…

The other consideration for a dildo is to get one without balls attached (seems obvious but you’d be surprised). Have a look at my recommended toys page for a lovely safe silicone dildo that’s great for this. It’ll be a bit long for some, but for others it really hits the spot, or so I’ve been told.

Protip, if you want to smart small a medium to large butt plug is actually brilliant for this. Those ones I recommend with the balls inside them that roll around are amazing for wearing in your pussy.

In terms of a dildo like this taking you over, it’s very unlikely. It’s much more likely to keep you very stimulated and wetter than you knew was possible. But it’s also as likely to make you sore unless you build up to it. And it’s even MORE important to make sure you’re using good quality, body safe toys if you plan on keeping them in you for extended periods (and it’s really important anyway).

With all that said, go out, and have fun, and let us know how you your friend gets on.


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