Well oh my goodness, we’re about to hit 40,000 followers! Can you believe it?


I’m amazed and delighted this blog has become so popular; I only started it for a bit of fun. So I genuinely want to say thank you for your support, for all your asks (I’m sorry I can’t ever get to them all), your submissions, and your love. 


Okay, so I guess we should do something to celebrate!

Firstly, the 40,000th follower will get a personal message from me and if required, an orgasm, woo hoo! Yep, even if you’re doing AdventDenial – if you haven’t followed the blog yet, here’s your motivation!

If you fancy joining in the celebration then do feel free to send a little message saying why you love the blog, or in a blatant copy of some other blogs, if you want to send in a picture with ‘Happy 40k’ or something similar (people are actually starting to use that shortcut to this site now, neat!) written on your body or just a piece of paper (you’ve got to be freshly edged when you take it, that’s the only requirement, skin entirely optional) then I’d love that too.

Gosh, I remember when I was only 5k, I feel all nostalgic now.

Anyway, thanks again, looking forward to seeing what you come up with, see you the other side of 40(k)

James xxxx

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