Hi RiverMelody – nice question!

There’s three main ways to set the length of a denial. Length of time is the obvious one, ‘7 days until you can cum’; a set number of edges, so 100 edges before your next orgasm (or 1,000 edges and now 1,000 ruined orgasms in poor bijouxm’s case). 

The nice twist with the latter ‘number of edges approach’ is you can try to get through them faster, but obviously that means you’re doing more each day and so you get even hornier. So it becomes a trade off between going slow and having to wait longer, or going fast and being so wet and horny you might even have to change your socks, let alone your panties.

The way to determine the actual length or number can be set a few ways. Games of chance – roll a dice twice, three times, and mulitply the results. Stand on a busy street and the number of the next bus to come along is how many edges you have to do, talk to a friend and ask them to pick a number between 1 and 100 and then pretend it was for a trick you’ve forgotten how to do, or just use a random number generator.

You can also try to earn your amount, this is fun. So say you’re setting number of edges – the day before you start you have a starting point, for example 100, and in that day, every orgasm you have takes 3 edges off the total. So if you manage ten orgasms you are left with 70 edges before you next cum, if you manage 20 orgasms, you have 40 edges, etc. You can do the same with days. Start with a 30 day target, and each orgasm you manage on that day, takes 12 hours off your denial time.

For a little humiliation and exhibitionist slut like you though (yeah I read the profiles of those who message me!), I’d suggest something a bit more challenging. Start with 100 edges and you get ten knocked off for every orgasm you manage, naked, somewhere public, in a day. Each location has to be different.

I did mention a third way to set the length of your denial. And that’s hot off the press! I’ve just come up with the idea of SlutPoints™! That’s exactly what they are for, you’ll have a target score set (let’s say 1,000) and different denial tasks will give you different totals each day until you hit your target and can cum! It’s still a work in progress but I do need some volunteers to try it out. I’m sure I can come up with some special humiliation and exhibitionist tasks as part of it for you.

Contact me about beta testing SlutPoints!

Of course for the true denial slut there’s only one way to do it, and that’s to have someone else decide how long you should be denied, and possibly not even be told when it will be, so every edge has you peering into the abyss, wondering when you’ll ever feel that sweet release of an orgasm again. Enquire within for details…

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