1. Be aware some women absolutely hate being denied! Make sure this is something you’ve discussed with any potential partner as if it’s your main kink you really want to be in tune with them about it.

2. However there are many who haven’t tried it, and in that case, help them to understand what you love about it so much, and slowly introduce them to it. Start off with just suggesting they try it themselves and then you talk about it, then try it when you’re together, but letting her cum at the end, and then, try it for a day, and build from there. If they can stick it out and try it to three days, as I’ve said before, they will know whether they share your love of it or not.

3. Be prepared for them to enjoy it, but not as much as you do. Any kink can get boring if you do it too much. One of the wonderful things about denial is how it can put a sub in a mental space where they are excited and open to other new experiences too. Work hard to give them variety and keep them surprised with what you do together.

4. Deny yourself too. Make it a game, both of you edge and tease yourselves before you’re going to spend time together, enjoy the shared experience.

5. Make sure you’re creative with what they’re doing instead of cumming. Give them something to focus on instead of just going crazy with denial.

6. Initially set clear timescales – let a sub know how long she’ll be denied if she’s new to it. It helps make it manageable. However, if they’ve fallen in love with it then NOT knowing when it will end can be a huge turn on. I’ll address that in more depth another time!

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