Oh what a wonderfully specific request, I love it!

Okay, so here’s one to start, (come back for more) or come off anon…

You may only edge with a full bladder. So you are to drink regularly throughout the day, and only go to pee when you’re truly desperate, at which point you are to sit on the toilet, and rub yourself to the edge. Only then may you pee, ideally as you edge but that’s often difficult, so stop if you have to.

To earn your orgasm you have to have completed this task ten times, that’ll be a few days worth probably.

To actually orgasm you have to get a full bladder again, but this time you’re to go to a bath, and with your hips up high, edge like that, then pee over yourself first (if you’re into watersports you’ll know how to do this I expect) but basically this: http://exquisiteerotica.tumblr.com/post/111606717021

If you can’t do this, use a cup in the shower or improvise. But basically when you’re coated in pee, you can have a ruined orgasm. Yes, ruined, not a nice full one. Little piss sluts like you don’t deserve that. Instead you need that moment of realisation as you lie there soaked in your own pee, cunt weeping from your ruined orgasm, what a disgusting little slut you are.

One day’s no touch and then start again. Let us know how you’re getting on and I might let you actually have a proper orgasm at some point.

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