Try it, it’s awesome!

For those who don’t know, analingus (often called ‘rimming’ or a ‘rimjob’ or even ‘tossing the salad’ (for obscure salad cream in prison related reasons)) is the licking of the arsehole for sexual stimulation. For obvious reasons it’s quite a taboo idea, but it really can be quite wonderful.

Here are my steps to successful analingus…


The first point is about hygiene, anything less than squeaky clean is not cool. If you have a scat fetish that’s another thing, but for most of us we want to enjoy it without any worries about the actual poo side of things. So if I’m going to receive it, or give it, that ass better be fresh out of the shower having been scrubbed, yes SCRUBBED clean. Get a soapy finger up there too and give it a good rinse with a shower jet for good measure.

I want to see it SPARKLE (My Little Pony pun right there)

Step 2: Get intimate, get horny

While there are exceptions (see below), on the whole we don’t go right into assdiving as our first move. Analingus is something a lot of people only want when they are insanely horny, as being in that state of mind helps them drop any reservations they have about it and just enjoy the pleasure and the intimacy. That means spend some quality time pleasuring each other in all the ways I’ve shown you before you think about getting into it.

Step 3: Tease your way to it

Analingus is a lot about the mindfuck – ‘Oh my god is he going to lick my… ohhhhhhhh!’ So don’t just jump right in, once she or he is super horny and ready for it, slowly work your way to it. Start with wandering fingers, around the asshole, not even on it yet, combine masturbating or sucking them with some finger tips exploring around their ass. Then move down but just kiss and lick around there, build the anticipation before your tongue starts flicking right on their chocolate starfish.

Here’s the thing about analingus, it feels good but not THAT good. It’s a lovely, sexual stimulation, but that’s not the real thrill of it. The main thrill is you’re licking someone’s asshole, it’s just so fuckingly ridiculously intimate. Your mouth, their asshole, and they can’t do much but lie there and experience it as you giving this to them.

The next day when you’re out shopping with them you’ll still be thinking about what you did and getting horny over it, and the secret smile in their eyes shows they’re thinking about it too.

Step 4: Build it up and make them cum WITH it (not FROM it)

After doing it a bit on it’s own you then want to combine it with other stimulation that will take it to another level and get them cumming (if they’re allowed…).

You can increase the intensity of what you do, and this is where you build from licking around and on their ass to tongue fucking it, pointing your tongue and pushing the very tip a little into them. It’s quite tiring on your tongue so don’t expect to do it for long.

Going back to hygiene this is why you want to have soaped up inside your bottom with a finger in the shower, but even if you do, if you tongue fuck their ass, you will taste, ass. It’s a unique taste, a bit earthy, not unpleasant, and if they’ve washed, hardly noticeable. But if you’re horny enough when you give it, you’ll like it.

Done on a guy this has the amazing slang name of ‘The Rusty Trombone’

(Go on, you can figure it out… and yes it feels fucking amazing!)

It’s very unlikely most people can cum from just analingus, although the mind is a wonderful thing. But you DO want to keep doing it until they cum because it starts to tie in that even greater pleasure to having their ass licked, and I find as you do that over time it almost trains someone to feel greater pleasure from it than it did originally. SO yes, if you’re exploring this then make sure you bring them all the way while you’re doing it the first few times (if they aren’t denied, in which case edge their fucking brains out while you tongue their ass).

After that they’ll have an easier time receiving it as you’ve tied those good feelings to it, and you can be less intense with it and just drop it into your sexy time on a more casual basis.

‘EAT MY ASS, BITCH’ – Asslicking in D/s

If you’re in a D/s relationship then analingus can have a whole extra depth to it, because being told, and made to go and lick your dom(me)s ass is a total mind fuck. If you’re down there, lapping at their asshole while your denied cunt just drips, unsatisfied, needy, well it’ll get you right into subspace, trust me. It very much ‘puts you in your place’ which we know, you love.


Analingus FAQs

Does it taste of shit?
No, not if as instructed it’s had a good clean. If you’re worried about this, or if you’re doing this with someone you’d use protection with anyway, then you can use a ‘dental dam’ (see below).

What if I want to fart?
Tell them! Real sex is full of moments like this, just warn them, move over, get it done and if you want to, go back to it; but honestly, I’m usually laughing too much the few times this has happened to do that, we’d go on to something else, but it’s not a problem.

What about sexual health issues?
As I said above, if you’re doing this with someone you’d use other sexual protection with then you can use a ‘dental dam’ for analingus which is basically a very thin stretchy rubber sheet you put over the top. It still feels pretty good but you have that little bit of separation. I have no idea where I’d go and buy one though (although your local STI clinic would definitely have them) so the alternative is cut the tip off a condom, so it’s a tube,and then cut it along the tube so it opens up into a rectangle, clever huh!

There’s a video of this on Facebook of all places

So there you go, happy asslicking my lovely followers, may you discover its joys for yourselves (and then tell us all about it!)


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