Hello anon girl, here you go…


  1. Having sex with co-workers is usually a bad idea. Sure it’s hot now but make sure you really want to spend every day with someone who knows what you feel like, from the inside, even if it doesn’t work out.
  2. If you really don’t mind them picturing you with their dick in your mouth every time you walk past them in the office then let me suggest this secret strategy, ‘Hey, do you want to grab a drink after work sometime?’ This is the universal secret code for ‘I’m kinda into you, let’s see where it goes’
  3. If that’s all a bit too subtle you could go for the old ‘To-do list’ on a post it note. The only entry being ‘You’. Don’t sign it, just be around to wink and smile when they try and figure it out.
    This definitely counts as sexual harassment though, so be sure they are into you, and avoid if your business has any mafia or gang connections, or it could be taken as a death threat

                                                                                         Love Tony

In all seriousness though, sex with colleagues can get complicated, fast. And don’t ever do it on the company property (yes I know how exciting that is) unless you really don’t care if you lose your job. 

If they aren’t into you then it genuinely does turn into harassment, even though you’re the woman, so it’s a really tricky line to find. The essentials are to learn to subtly flirt, which is a whole different post but wikihow has it’s usual cute vanilla suggestions which aren’t a bad place to start.

Oh shit, did that gif make you want it again despite all the good advice? So here’s something you could try from a denial perspective.

Some women tell me that edging seems to have an effect on how others, mostly guys, act around them. The theory is that your constant arousal pumps out pheromones which encourage those attracted to you to pay you more attention.

Now I really never know if this is true, or perhaps the fact you’re edging and aroused makes you more relaxed and forward with them. But it’s certainly worth a go. 

Edge your brains out all week. As much as you can. Before work, in the cubicle during your break. And each time you do, just to really up the impact, apply a little of your fresh pussy juice to your wrists and neck like perfume.

No cumming, all week. Let’s see how desperate it makes you. And then, see if it changes his behaviour. I’m sceptical but it’s a fun task anyway and the ultimate in subtle hints.

And failing that, go for the flirting route, well unless you’re just so horny by the end of the week you decide subtle is no longer an option…

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