Well the top answer is to make sure you’re using a good strong vibe. That can cut time to an edge from half an hour to five minutes for many women. I’d start with a good bullet like these Rocks Off ones, or just search Lovehoney for the vibes and see what you fancy. The wands will get an orgasm out of a stone.

But beyond that, there are two keys to getting to the edge faster, one is about creating pressure, the other is about releasing it.

Firstly it’s about learning to breathe as you masturbate. It’s SO important, in both getting to an orgasm and then not going over.

As you masturbate, imagine building up pressure, take deeper breaths, hold them, push the pressure through your body as you slowly let them out. Each breath lifting you higher, interacting with your clit, your pussy, holding it in sometimes to create tension before you release. And then, as you get to the edge, relaxing your breathing, releasing that tension, so you don’t go over.

The other pressure you need to release is in your mind. You need to learn to let go of things that distract you, find a calm, peaceful place where you can focus on the pleasure and that only. Orgasms, especially in women, are very much tied up with your emotional and mental state. Just like rowing across a pond, it’s a lot quicker if it’s calm and not blowing a gale.

Meditation, fantasising, mantras, rituals, they all help find that place of calm.

As for keeping yourself desperate, a few suggestions.

Edge more. At least four times a day.

Edge for longer. Practise ‘riding the edge’ to really increase the impact of each one.

Wear good lingerie under your normal clothes, it’ll make you feel sexy and give you confidence.

Try a comfortable butt plug, or an uncomfortable crotch rope (little Miss masochist)

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