Other retailers are indeed available, but certainly in the UK there’s no one who compares to Lovehoney. Amazon have started to add some toys here, and I know they do them in the States too, but with the good prices, user reviews and the 365 day returns I wouldn’t use anyone but Lovehoney.. 

And that Lovehoney returns thing, we totally abuse it, we’ll buy a toy, try it out, and just decide after six months or so we aren’t getting enough use out of it and will return it to Lovehoney for something else we want to try. (Bye bye anal douche kit). They don’t care, Lovehoney still have our money! (Although you can get money back if you prefer).

Plus, it takes so long to write a post like that, if I were trying to find them from even more sites I’d never get them done. So yep, Lovehoney it is! 

And yes, Lovehoney do give commission to anyone who recommends them. I got about £31 last month, I’m thinking of giving up work to do this full time with that kind of income! (I’m living the dream). 

But if you like the idea that by buying sex toys from Lovehoney you’re supporting the blog, then that’s good too. But I hope you can tell from the blog, I’m only promoting stuff I buy myself from the people I trust.

Just call me your Lovehoney sex toy pimp…

Other sex toy retailers are available but you shouldn’t ever, ever use them, use Lovehoney, Lovehoney loves you, let’s say it together, Looooovehoney*

*This is only my opinion and we all know what I think should never be taken seriously, Advice not given in a professional capacity. Lovehoney is a registered trademark and by calling myself their pimp I in no way state that I’m a representative of the aforementioned, Lovehoney

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