Ellie had taken her time. Meg had been completely straight when they moved in together, and brushed off Ellie’s half-teasing come-ons with no hesitation. But Ellie was dedicated, and not afraid to bend the rules.

The mind-softening drugs she’d bought online hadn’t had much in the way of dosage information or usage instructions, so she started small. Just a few drops in Meg’s coffee when she wasn’t looking. It took over two months to see any impact, but once Ellie knew it was working, she pushed.

She didn’t give orders right away – just suggestions. She complimented certain outfits, and noticed Meg wore them more often. She expressed her dislike for the guy Meg was dating, and that relationship fizzled out a couple of weeks later.

Ellie got more bold, asking Meg to pick up more chores around the apartment. Before long, she was inspecting her work, critiquing the dinners Meg prepared for her. Meg was contrite and apologetic whenever Ellie was critical.

After a while, their relationship was completely reinvented. Meg did what Ellie said – no questions asked. It was simply how things worked between them. So Ellie told her to put on some lingerie and jewelry, do her makeup nice. Meg complied.

Ellie had her stand at attention by the table while Ellie ate dinner. When she finished, she stood up, admiring her beautiful, compliant roommate.

“I think you’ve been confused,” Ellie said, looking her up and down. “You’re clearly in love with me. I don’t think you’re straight at all anymore. Right, sweetie?”

Meg didn’t reply. Her mind, half-mushed from months of hypnotic drugs, was slowly processing what Ellie was pressing into it.

Ellie leaned in, softly licking Meg’s lips. As Ellie’s tongue touched her, Meg’s mind fizzled, popped, and the old her crumbled away. She exhaled slowly, and Ellie’s lesbian loveslave was all that was left. 

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