So….I was not about to go my birthday month without orgasms…however!! Sir decided to take this opportunity to take different approaches to my pleasure. We’ve fallen into kind of a pattern when it comes to my orgasms. Clitoral, squirting, then he fucks me. He came to the conclusion that giving me these orgasms each time gets me used to it…and less is not enough. I gradually needed more and more to get me to this point. One orgasm just made me hornier until I got the multiples my body associated with being sexually satisfied.

Sir decided it was for the best to cut back on my orgasms and the types I was having. A clitoral orgasm was always a must for me, no matter how many other types of orgasms I had that session. We then experimented with leaving orgasms out, me cumming different ways or without toys, throwing in ruined orgasms etc.

Tonight I worshipped his cock and his body, expressing how grateful I was to have him and to have such a sexy man with such an amazing cock…I took great pleasure in making him cum and tasting it…

He gave me a massage with oil…admiring my body…teased and edged me…then gave me a clitoral orgasm…but did not make me squirt afterwards…instead, he tortured me with the new wand we bought for my birthday….he had to literally get on top of me because I couldn’t control myself.

Then…he fucked my ass…and Tonight? Instead of him making me squirt over and over…he gave me an orgasm from anal…now I’ve had these before….but then I had another…and another… I had my first multiple orgasm from anal only…and I felt like I was losing my mind….

Afterwards, we cuddled a bit…and while still catching my breath I teased “wow…that was amazing…I came harder than I do from anything else…why do we use my pussy again?” And then I giggled at my joke….
But then he chuckled…an evil little chuckle….and said “after today…I don’t think we will anymore”
My heart skipped a beat.

‘Why do we use my pussy again?’

Oh sweetie…

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