They are a thing, definitely. Not very common but very cool. Just sometimes it happens, you stop rubbing or fucking, but nothing fades, your body, mind, teetering on the edge. You think it’ll fade, but it doesn’t. You move around, you feel like a bomb ready to go off. You even dress, every inch of your skin feeling like an erogenous zone. Oh fuck, are you going to cum, just, spontaneously? Fighting it, keeping it in… oh god.

So good.

So here’s your challenge, if you feel this, if you haven’t touched or been stimulated for ten whole minutes, then I want you to move, to a chair or maybe facing yourself in a bathroom mirror. And see if you can cum. No touching, no grinding, no stimulation at all. You have permission to cum.

And if you can’t, cup your breasts only, your cunt is out of bounds, and play, Rub, pull, squeeze, make it worse, take it closer, and see if you can cum like that for me.

You probably can’t, and it’ll have only made it worse. But a no touch orgasm, it’s something special, and if you can manage it, I’d like you to experience it.

Just the once though sweetie, just the once.

Good girl.

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