It was so much fun
reading all the different answers to this post! So far 24 denial sluts
have answered the questions (as far as I could find), and I felt like
gathering those and seeing some results, even though it’s quite a
small group. But guess what? There’s only 1 thing all denial sluts thus
far agree on.

1. Mostly hit the edge just once OR mostly hitting and riding the edge for an extended amount of time

24 lovely slutty edgers found hitting and riding the edge for an
extended amount of time the best. That’s a 100% And I 100% agree. 😉

2. Self imposed denial OR being denied

sluts reported to prefer self imposed denial, 4 liked both. But a
staggering 16 either enjoy being denied more, or are looking for someone
to try it with. Hint hint.

3. Mostly solo edging OR edging with someone physically

sluts reported to prefer edging with someone physically, ten would
rather do most of their edging solo, and eleven like both.

4. Use a variety of toys and (internet) aids OR just use your body(’s)

prefer to just use their bodies, three like incorporating both, but the
largest group (18) likes to use whatever they can get their grubby little
hands on.

5. Edging tasks OR doing whatever comes to mind

Five edgers prefer doing whatever comes to mind, eight like both, and eleven are just dying to be told what to do. *grinnn

6. Short term denial (under a week) OR long term denial (over a week)

question got a lot of remarks. Apparently over a week isn’t nearly
experienced as long term by most denial sluts. (I concur ladies, but
ssssh) There where three edgers who preferred short term when stated
like this. That leaves twenty-one, most of which reported to crave to be
denied for a lot longer than this, who are into long term denial.

7. Edging is better OR cumming is better

was shocked to see it exists, but two edgers answered they like cumming
better! 😉 There where six who like both, and mostly state that the
edging makes the orgasm better. The rest of them (sixteen) are edge
hooked completely.

8. As much edging as fits in a day OR way less edging and strict no touch

sluts are total bad-asses and like restricted edging and no touch. Four
reported they like both. The rest of us (eighteen) are greedy little
cunts and like edging as much as possible.

9. Edging made me easier OR edging made me like more stuff

of the denial sluts, eleven to be exact, reported they became easier
accessible and are liking more sexual/kink stuff. Nine reported they
mostly liked new stuff more. And four are only getting people laid left
and right. 😉

10. Edging is more mental torture OR Edging is more physical torture

people stated they found it more physical torture, eleven stated it was
mostly mental torture, and seven decided on both. That leaves one more
lady, a true hard-ass, who thinks it is neither! You go girl!

11. Share your denial story somewhere online OR keep it to yourself

question is quite obviously skewed towards the former, as the numbers
also show. One denial slut likes to share, but not publicly, four do
both, but don’t share that much. And the other nineteen love blurping
their denial stories out there, on the internets.

12. Also a denial bitch OR only a denial slut

another question I could have posed better. A lot of the answers to
these had explanations that boiled to wanting a denial buddy, instead of
being a denial bitch. But hey, with the question stated as is, sixteen
people answered they are denial sluts only, and eight are also denial

So there it is, #denialslutfacts.
Most of us want to edge as much as we can, as long as we can.
Preferably with some tasks mixed in, for longer than a week. It’ll make
us sluttier and willing to try more. Please don’t make us do no touch.
Let us get needy, greedy, and horny for you, and then edge together.
We’re sure you’ll like the results.

This message has been brought to you by; Edging, your favorite pastime.

Peace out! 😀

You’re all welcome to keep the answers coming. Either reblog, comment,
or make a new post with #denialslutfacts. You’re also welcome to submit
if you want to keep it on the downlow. Or hit me with a message on Fet,
you can find me with username Handtam.

This is a brilliant little survey by @wickedlittlebtch with some fascinating questions I’d not considered asking.

It’s a good warm up for my soon to be launched Orgasm Denial Survey – which we did once before a couple of years ago, and back then. got 1,100 replies. The blog has ten times the followers now so this should get interesting!

Is there a burning question you want to ask the orgasm denial community? Message me and it might just get included.

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