We decided to add challenges to #DenialDecember. I have until December 24th to get 50 points.

•Every day I complete the advent challenge = 1 pt

•Every 3 pictures = 1 pt

•Every 3 extra edges = 1pt

•Every time I use an anal plug = 1 pt

•Every time I use my vibrator = 1pt (a day)

•Every time I make him cum = 1pt

•Every time I give head = 1pt

•Every 5 Videos in a day= 1pt

•Use my vibrator in public = 2pts

•Wear an anal plug in Public = 2pts

•If I swallow = 3pts

• Every time I accidentally go over I obviously have to ruin my orgasm but I lose 5 pts

•Everytime I have an orgasm I lose all points and start over with negative 5.

Happy #DenialDecember ?

Loving the points idea! Great to see a couple putting their own spin on it, well done guys!

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