• 1. Mostly hit the edge just once OR mostly hitting and riding the edge for an extended amount of time
  • 2. Self imposed denial OR being denied
  • 3. Mostly solo edging OR edging with someone physically
  • 4. Use a variety of toys and (internet) aids OR just use your body(’s)
  • 5. Edging tasks OR doing whatever comes to mind
  • 6. Short term denial (under a week) OR long term denial (over a week)
  • 7. Edging is better OR cumming is better
  • 8. As much edging as fits in a day OR way less edging and strict no touch
  • 9. Edging made me easier OR edging made me like more stuff
  • 10. Edging is more mental torture OR Edging is more physical torture
  • 11. Share your denial story somewhere online OR keep it to yourself
  • 12. Also a denial bitch OR only a denial slut

About 9: Easier in the sense of more
willing to have sex or like more stuff in the sense that you get horny
by new or more things because of edging

About 12: A denial bitch is someone who loves getting off on knowing
other women can’t cum, and also love shoving it in denial sluts faces
that she as a denial bitch does get to cum

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My answers;

  • 1: Riding and hitting the edge over and over
  • 2: Being denied, whether online or by my side
  • 3: Mostly solo really
  • 4: Variety of toys and aids
  • 5: If I’m on my own, whatever comes to mind. Otherwise, tasks
  • 6: Longer please. 😛
  • 7: Edging is better
  • 8: As much as fits in the day
  • 9: Edging made me like more stuff (both really but hey)
  • 10: Edging is mental torture for me
  • 11: Online… duh. 😛
  • 12: Also a denial bitch, or I try to be

1: Riding that edge over and over. It’s so great and drives me mad with need.
2: Being denied is far more enjoyable.
3: Mostly solo.
4: Toys and aids, I love exploring.
5: I love edging tasks, comes with being denied by someone.
6: Long term.
7: Edging is better, duh.
8: As much as possible :p
9: Both, but mostly I’m more open to stuff.
10: Mental torture.
11: Sharing my denial stories. Have you seen my blog :p 
12: Denial slut, I suck at being mean to people.

Interesting little tumblr denial quiz…

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