Dear James,

I wanted to let you know that the weekend with Denial Puppet just about did me in. I was a good girl on Saturday and took care of important business, but otherwise….  I have never edged so much in my life, and I am a mess.  I really do not think I can come after listening to Cal’s Curse and Edge Puppet over and over and over again.  I tried several times today, and I just can’t.  I contacted you once before about this problem, but then, finally came (whew!).  Now I am getting worried.  Maybe I really do need permission.  If I do, I’m in a pickle.  I would have to ask an ex (the only person I know who knows how kinky I am), and he would just love to say no, permanently.  You wouldn’t want to take mercy on me and give me permission, would you?

Feeling very subby,


Not a chance.

Good girl, this is just how you want to be. We both know that. I wouldn’t want to take this away from you, not now.

Poor, pickled, elektra

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