denial plan

Sticking with a pretty simple one: will start with no orgasm for 2 days then keep incrementing by 1 day for however long I can keep that up. Thinking minimum 3 edges/day but will let myself go fewer if I need.

If it’s going well by the time I’m at like a week in between I can possibly increment by more days each time. Or have only ruins once I hit the mark. Thoughts there?

As for punishment, if I go fully over I’ll have to restart on whatever amount of days I was on (maybe with an increase in edges). If I manage to just ruin I’ll finish off my days on no touch.

Maybe looking for a casual online dom? Could be cool but also not trying to add unnecessary drama to my life

Nice and simple, good plan!
Get to the week and see what works best for you. Try different things. It’s not a competition, it’s an adventure, and finding what makes you feel the best is what it’s about.

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