It was late and I was scrolling through tumbler enjoying myself and I came upon the advent calendar post. My master had just asked me the other day if there was anything new I felt like exploring and at the time I had no ideas. I have never seriously done denial but it has always been an interest of mine so I sent it over, sadly Sir was asleep so I was going to have to wait for a response. 

As I lay in bed I thought about how much fun the denial would be, how deliciously horny I would be, I thought maybe I should just have one last orgasm before I committed. My master hadn’t gotten the message yet so technically I wouldn’t be breaking any rules….

I toyed with the idea, orgasm, denial, orgasm, denial, and finally decided on denial, if my master was game then I would start the month off right, and if he wasn’t interested I would orgasm tomorrow.  

So for the next 24 days, I will be following these rules: 

  1. You are not allowed to cum without permission until Day 24 of the challenge
  2. You are to edge at least three times every day unless told otherwise
  3. If you go over the edge of climax accidentally you are to ruin the orgasm
  4. You are to record your progress daily in your denial journal

So here’s a blog I’d missed because of effing Tumblr. More to come I’m sure, sorry I’d missed you!

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