Hey I wrote a thing about denial on my blog, hope it’s okay to share!

Denial is a funny thing.

It’s like falling down the rabbit hole. The longer you fall, the deeper you go. The longer you are without an orgasm the more willing you find yourself. 

Those things that used to terrify you now seem rather plausible don’t they? You want it don’t you? Though at first you struggled to admit it to yourself, the more time passed the more you found yourself craving it. You know exactly what I’m talking about. The very thought makes your body twitch against your volition. Accept yourself. Explore yourself. Soon, doing the things that once scared you will feel like coming home. Embrace it.

Or perhaps you shied away, ashamed of your body. Those clothes you didn’t feel confident enough to wear, the places you were too self conscious to let anyone see. Can you see yourself through their eyes yet? You’re beautiful. Walk a little taller with the confidence that glows through your skin. Smile a little brighter with the perfect ache between your legs cheering you on. Feel desirable, be insatiable, wanted, needed, precious.

It’s simple really, all you have to do is suspend yourself on the edge. Always falling but never quite hitting the ground. Letting your desperation and need wash over you, letting it consume you but never letting it go, keeping it with you always. Over and over. 

You did want that orgasm didn’t you?

Fabulous submission from this lovely blog, check it out yourselves guys. Thank you LSB!

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