i honestly think stopping an edge is more pleasurable than the edge itself. there’s truly nothing like that immediate crash and fade of pleasure when you pull your hand or toy away last minute. just laying there squirming and feeling yourself throbbing, knowing you just gave up something forever that can never be made up. feeling the ache of arousal return worse than before.

it’s hard at first, but you learn to love it. and once you get addicted to it, you’ve conditioned yourself and know there’s no going back.

honestly i really struggle with pulling away from hard edges and so have only been able to stay denied by sticking to soft edges and no touch, but i really hope to condition myself soon to crave this more than an orgasm. 

i already know how much i love the heightened sense of arousal that lasts when denied, but that can be hard to remember when an orgasm is so close. i think a next step for all denial sluts must be to forget what the orgasm feels like and instead hope for this pleasure crash as a more satisfying, different kind of climax. if i can train myself to think of the ache after pulling away from an edge as the only form of climax i deserve to feel, i can only imagine how much more fun edging will be, gosh i just want to learn to crave this feeling and edge smiling with my tongue out until i’m mindless and desperate forever…

Isn’t that a beautiful thought.

A few ways to help you learn to pull away:

  1. Set a time, or timer. It’s easier if the exact moment isn’t under your control. So ‘I’ll edge through this TV show but stop the second it ends’ or just putting a timer on your phone – hotter if  you don’t look at it.
  2. Edge in an awkward position – on your knees on a hard floor, crouched, kneeling on dried peas if you’re a serious masochist – as soon as you have to move, you’re done
  3. Edge somewhere you’ll be discovered – naked in the living room having to run when the front door opens, or even just on all fours on top of your bed knowing someone will check in on you (and that you’ll get enough warning…Having to innocently say goodnight while you’re in the middle of a ruined orgasm is quite the experience).

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