For those of you who are allowed to cum, but like earning it, here’s a little idea that I’m going to try, and if you lot like it (tell me) we can do more of them.

Each dare may have different levels of reward for different levels of completion, e.g. a ruined orgasm for the simpler version, a full orgasm for the harder one. Some may even have a forfeit for trying but failing to complete.

As part of the harder rewards I may ask for evidence or a report to be submitted – if so please indicated whether you want that to remain private (no one sees it)/anonymous (I might post it but not with your account name), otherwise I’ll assume you’re happy for it to be published on the blog.

Today’s dare:

Edge somewhere that is NOT your bedroom

Easy version: 1 edge somewhere else and you can have a ruined orgasm (there or elsewhere)

Hard version: 3 edges in 3 different places from each other, each must be more daring than the last, you can cum the third time (yes, in the location you did the third edge, nowhere else).

Remember to tell me if you like this dare of the day idea and if you try them, tell me about it!

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