Denial Dare

Edge hard before you go out, wear something you feel sexy in but can easily be removed (or not if you like ‘hard mode’). Have a concealing layer like a coat on top.

Go to your local photo booth and close the curtain, and edge again, slowly removing clothing as you do. Then when you’re right on the edge, get the machine to take naked or at least very revealing photos of you (keep your face out of them unless you’re a real risk taker).

Dress and walk a distance away from the machine.

Wait for your photos to be produced and drop out of the machine.

Continue waiting, wait until someone finds them. Picks them up, watch the look on their face. Watch them show their friends.

Turn around and walk away.

Go home (or somewhere nearer and private) and edge furiously wondering what strangers are doing with your pictures.

Bonus points – leave your wet panties in the booth

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