hey babes, so I got some general interest about the group chat idea so I went ahead and created a discord channel. I picked discord because it’s easy on computers & there’s also an app for iOS and android – so the channel should be easily accessible from wherever you choose to log on.

General anti-douchebag rules will apply – no homophobia, transphobia, racism, fat shaming, etc. Use people’s correct pronouns. Basically just be respectful and caring to your fellow denial buddies and we shouldn’t have any issues :3

Please message me for the invite link! You’re free to invite anyone you like (that is into denial obvs) after I give it to you – I just don’t want to free post the link on tumblr for obvious reasons. I’m looking forward to chatting with all of you!

p.s. feel free to reblog this to spread the word 😀

At the risk of giving @ruinedpetite more demand than they want, this is a great idea and something I’d considered, but don’t have the time to manage.

Discord is fab, it’s free, kicks Skype’s butt and you can run it from a browser as well as the apps, so if you do that in incognito mode you don’t have to worry about chat history being found unless you log back in.

Message them to get access. Knock three times, whisper ‘I’m a denial slut’ and if they like the look of you, you’ll get an invite (it’s just a link, you won’t have to give personal details).

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